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However do you want me, however do you need me?

Over the last week-plus, summer ended and we went back to reality here at Casa Iriarte. I’ve been so swamped with things! to get done! immediately! that I haven’t had a chance to come up for air until tonight. Hopefully … Continue reading

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One reason to become a teacher

On Friday I was fortunate enough to attend the wedding of one of my former students. Over the years there’ve been way too many funerals, but this was my first alumni wedding. During the reception, I had the most wonderful … Continue reading

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Customers as Vultures

Lisa and I headed out to the Borders in Winter Park today for the second time to see what bargains we could find. In all the talk about how sad it is to lose another brick and mortar bookstore, and … Continue reading

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Dear Internet: I’m back!

I’ll post more later today, but I was getting tired of the blog not being updated, so I figured I’d let the world know I’m back from Mexico. Did you miss me, internet?

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Reasons not to become a teacher

The other day, a former student of mine who is now in college wrote to me asking me to share with her the “dark side” of being a teacher. There are plenty of sources one can find romanticizing the teaching … Continue reading

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Google’s Anonymity Fail

If you’ve been following the nerdverse’s ongoing conversation about Google+, you probably know of the debate over their “real name” policy. Basically, Google wants you to have one account, and for that account to be recognizably you. So you OSC … Continue reading

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Literary Language or Stock Clichés?

A few days ago one of my friends linked to this article via Google+. I think it’s an interesting article, and, at the very least, it’s a good warning to writers to stay away from stock clichés. I searched through … Continue reading

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About a Town

The town I live in has gotten a fair amount of notoriety over the years. It’s had more than its share of articles and even books written about it–even a disparaging song by one clever rock band–and lots of people … Continue reading

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