Fellowship of the Bearded, Long-Haired Dudes

I think I weigh a couple pounds less than I did this morning. Here’s why:



I cut off about fourteen inches of hair this morning and donated it to Wigs 4 Kids.

I’ve had long hair–with short interruptions–for most of the last eight years (and for my first year of college, back before that). Having short hair again is . . . interesting. I liked having long hair, but I was increasingly not being able to carry off the look anyway, so I figured it was time–and I wanted to make sure the hair went to a good use when I did get it cut.

When I went into the hair salon, I had more than a bit of trepidation. Whether my hair was short or long, I’ve always been the sort of person who doesn’t give it a lot of thought. I hate it when hair dressers start to ask you all sorts of questions about what you want. The worst is when they ask what number comb I want them to use on the clippers. Hello?! You’re the professional here–why’re you asking me?! And I was also¬† self conscious as this big guy with a big old head of hair–and a bald spot!–and a big egg-shaped head coming in for a cut.

But the stylist was perfect. When I told her I wanted her to do anything that was easy to maintain and reasonably decent-looking with whatever was left, she took it from there. She was just the right amount of chatty, and I really had an enjoyable time. And I think she did a good job! And then, to my surprise, they took care of mailing it for me. (There’s another cool sekrit surprise, but apparently they don’t go out of their way to publicize it, so ask me about it elsewhere if you know me.)

One of my long-haired bearded friends (I actually have several!) noted a few years ago that there seemed to be a fellowship of bearded, long-haired dudes. (His phrase, which I am totally and shamelessly stealing here.) It’s kind of true. You see another bearded, long-haired dude, you can give him a nod and he’ll nod back. You both get it. Except now I’m no longer in the fellowship. :-\

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • much faster showers
  • shorter drying time
  • feeling cooler on hot days
  • Driving with the windows open
  • not getting my hair caught in the car door, in the seatbelt, under my backpack strap, in my mouth . . .
  • not scaring little children (as much)
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9 Responses to Fellowship of the Bearded, Long-Haired Dudes

  1. Tom Emmons says:

    Right on. Lookin’ spiffy!

  2. Marlana says:

    Hey! Looking good. Guess we’ll have to think of a new way to scare away children. Sigh. Does Lisa have a machete?

  3. Joe says:

    Lisa can scare children with nothing more that a glare.

    Heck, she can scare me that way too.

  4. abuckley says:

    You handsome devil!!!

    Please don’t kill me via the internet.

  5. Joe says:

    Flattery will totally get you there.

  6. Goody says:

    It’s a bit of a shock, but it definitely looks good on you.

  7. Joe says:


  8. Esther says:

    You look a bit more corporate and a lot less Jesus.

  9. Joe says:


    Hopefully not TOO corporate!

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