My first vlog!

The last week of school before finals, Lucienne Diver and Amy Christine Parker came out to Lisa’s school to talk to her students about all things authorial, and I got to hang out, help out, and just enjoy the company of other writers!

During a break in the action, Amy and Lucienne filmed an episode of the group vlog they participate in, the YA Rebels. We talked about what young people are looking for in books, as well as writing to trends. Check it out!


I pretty much cringe when I’m forced to look at a picture of myself, and that was tripled for seeing myself in video—How fat do I look? How monotonous is my voice? How many chins do I have? Did I say anything totally stupid? How huge is my bald spot?!—but I saw nothing I couldn’t live with here. 😉

I will also be in an upcoming episode of the Skiffy and Fanty show—unless they’ve decided to throw my interview away and stick to more articulate guests with more interesting stuff to talk about!—but this one went up first, and so I get to check “be a guest on a webshow” off on my Author Bingo card!

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