In-Depth Discussion of “Life in Stone, Glass, and Plastic”

The folks over at Literary Roadhouse did an entire podcast on my Strange Horizons story from last June. It’s nearly an hour of about the most in-depth discussion one of my stories has ever gotten. 🙂

I stumbled across it over the weekend and just about had a heart-attack. I was all like, Nah, they’re not seriously going to . . . oh my god they’re really going to! And then I was sure they were going to just trash the story, because . . . well, just because, I guess. But really they were thoughtful and very gratifying. I’ve talked before about how all I really want to know as an author is that somebody is out there reading and caring and receiving what my heart is sending out. So this was about the best surprise I could get.

Anyway, you can find the podcast here on their website. Or you could experience it the way I experienced it–watching the discussion on YouTube!

Of course, if you haven’t already read the story, the conversation won’t mean much to you. Luckily, you can rectify that right here! 😉

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