Take a swim on the wild side

My family and I just spend a week at Madeira Beach, which near as I can tell is halfway between Clearwater and St. Pete Beach. We’ve stayed at the beach before, but for some reason we had a lot more encounters with sea life this time around. Apparently it’s totally a locally-known thing that dolphins pretty much parade down the inlet between Madeira Beach and Treasure Island right at dusk every night, and we were lucky enough to get to see this. I took a picture on my phone, though it’s not very good, because phone and because dusk and because distance, but here it is anyway:

Seen: dolphins, or possibly seaweed.

A couple nights later I went out for my walk-jog and had more or less the same view. Getting to see dolphins was a reasonably fair compensation for the sudden unaccustomed presence of bridges on my route.

I had my closest sea life encounter yesterday, though, when I was actually in the water. I was facing the shore, making sure I didn’t get carried too far from my stuff, when I heard a snort behind me. I turned around to came face to face with a snout, not four feet away. In hindsight, it was a manatee, coming up for air, but I admit, seeing nothing but snout, my first thought was sea lion. Which doesn’t make a lick of sense, I know, but cut me some slack—I was neck deep in the soup with it, whatever it was. So I pretty much blurted out jesuschrist and it turned and went away.

Next time I’ll bring a head of lettuce with me.

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