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At the intersection of exercise and nerdiness

[CW: exercise, fitness, possibly diet, possibly body image] [Please don’t give me unrequested advice. Talking about exercise, fitness, and body image in a public setting is incredibly vulnerable-making for me, and well-intentioned advice is more likely to prove damaging than … Continue reading

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Take a swim on the wild side

My family and I just spend a week at Madeira Beach, which near as I can tell is halfway between Clearwater and St. Pete Beach. We’ve stayed at the beach before, but for some reason we had a lot more … Continue reading

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What are YOU gonna sing?

I’ve blogged before about how much I enjoy karaoke. I’ve been enjoying it more, recently, after a year or two during which I felt my range substantially diminish. I’ve been working on strengthening my voice and it seems to be … Continue reading

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Pretending to still love them

There’s this weird thing about being a selling writer that is obvious in retrospect, but that I totally didn’t see coming. When I write my stories, I feel varying levels of excitement about each one. But on some level, I … Continue reading

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. . . And my own 2015 recap and award eligibility post

In this post yesterday, I told folks about stories by other writers that I loved this year. Now I’d like to take a moment to reflect on my own writing year. Nobody reads my blog anyway, so I know nobody … Continue reading

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Attack of the Pod People!

The good folks over at the Skiffy and Fanty Show were misguided enough to think I was worth interviewing, so we talked at length about writing, cultures, literature, and the immigrant experience. Give it a listen!

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My first vlog!

The last week of school before finals, Lucienne Diver and Amy Christine Parker came out to Lisa’s school to talk to her students about all things authorial, and I got to hang out, help out, and just enjoy the company … Continue reading

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Published at Last!

Christmas morning ain’t got nothing on the day I’ve had today. Within the last 24 hours, my first and my second fiction sales have gone live. First came “CabrĂ³n,” in Stupefying Stories‘s second annual horror anthology, Two. (Amazon link) (Barnes … Continue reading

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The Obligatory Goals Post

One of my friends asked on Facebook the other day, What, for you, was the best thing in 2012, and what are you most looking forward to in 2013? As I composed my thoughts for a reply to him, I … Continue reading

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Another year come and gone

Happy holidays! (And if being told “Happy holidays” bugs you, then . . . HAPPY HOLIDAYS!) Like most people, I can’t help but take the end of the year as an opportunity to look back on what went well and … Continue reading

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