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Why I won’t read your blog post

. . . because I do much if not most of my surfing on my phone, and when I click on your link, this is what I see: Yeah, no. I shouldn’t need to download an app to read your … Continue reading

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The Obligatory Goals Post

One of my friends asked on Facebook the other day, What, for you, was the best thing in 2012, and what are you most looking forward to in 2013? As I composed my thoughts for a reply to him, I … Continue reading

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How Did You Find Out?

This time of year I hear a lot of people arguing the merits of letting your kids believe or not believe in Santa Claus. I’m not interested in getting worked up over other people’s choices—I mean, seriously, I have seen … Continue reading

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Seriously, Shepherd Boy, What the Hell?

I got to know this song way better than I probably needed to while preparing for my Candlelight Procession experience last week, and was struck by a verse I’d never really noticed before: Said the shepherd boy to the mighty … Continue reading

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