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Some terrific short-stories of 2016

You do something two or three times, suddenly it’s a tradition. Here now is a non-exhaustive list of stories I loved in 2016. I may add to it in the coming weeks. “Welcome to the Medical Clinic at the Interplanetary … Continue reading

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My 2016 Award Eligibility Post

I was going to pass on doing an award eligibility post this year, though I’ve had several publications I am very proud of. I felt like all the information on my publications was already available elsewhere on this site, so … Continue reading

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So let’s talk about teacher unions

As the Republican National Convention lurches on, teachers are once again under attack as one of the Republican party’s favorite whipping boys. In his speech Tuesday night, Donald Trump Jr. claimed that schools are currently set up to serve teachers … Continue reading

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. . . And my own 2015 recap and award eligibility post

In this post yesterday, I told folks about stories by other writers that I loved this year. Now I’d like to take a moment to reflect on my own writing year. Nobody reads my blog anyway, so I know nobody … Continue reading

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Some Terrific Short Stories of 2015

For the past few years, I’ve posted year-end recaps of some of my favorite stories, and friends have told me they found my recommendations helpful. I read short speculative fiction—particularly online short spec fiction—pretty voraciously, so I may have run … Continue reading

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Some great short spec fic of the last year or so

Back in 2012 I put together a year-end list of some of my favorite short speculative fiction of the year. I didn’t bother doing this in 2013, because I didn’t feel like I’d done nearly as good a job of … Continue reading

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My favorite short stories this year

In 2012, determined to crack the short story markets, I set out to read every genre short story published in a “professional” short fiction venue (as recognized by SFWA). I didn’t quite succeed in that goal, but for eight months, … Continue reading

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More of a TBR Mountain than a TBR Pile

I have a confession to make: I’m a pathological collector of books. I buy ’em faster than I can read ’em. Especially if it’s on the discount rack–then if it seems at all interesting, into the basket it goes. Hey, … Continue reading

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