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Embrace the great YMMV

I unfollowed a writer on twitter the other day, in an act of self-preservation. Not a bad guy in any way, but he kept tweeting a sentiment I found artistically damaging. Over the course of several days, he kept tweeting … Continue reading

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Oh hey, Cuba’s in the news again

There’s a certain specific kind of cognitive dissonance I experience every time Cuba’s in the news: when [some] people who share my liberal views lose their ability to do nuance, and start to glorify the Castro regime. (It’s the mirror … Continue reading

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Your AHCA Math Lesson

Every year at some point I end up teaching about mean versus median as measures of central tendency. The mean has the advantage of representing all the data points, but that same advantage can be its weakness, of there are … Continue reading

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New story: Cupid and Psyche at the Caffé Sol y Mar

My flash story “Cupid and Psyche at the Caffé Sol y Mar” is up at Fireside Fiction today! It was inspired by thinking about the myth of Cupid and Psyche, which forms the basis of many children’s stories told, often … Continue reading

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“My Writing Process” Blog Hop

YA writer and dear friend Marlana Antifit tagged me on the writing process blog hop that’s been going around, for which I’m so grateful—I genuinely love being tagged in things like this, and yet I seem somehow to be overlooked … Continue reading

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So you think you’ve defeated SOPA . . .

In the wake of Texas Representative Lamar Smith pulling the Stop Online Piracy Act from consideration yesterday(and Senator Harry Reid doing the same for the Protect IP Act), I saw a lot of jubilant tweets saying that censorship was defeated … Continue reading

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Not As Many Hallows About, This Last Eve

Looks like I’ve survived another Halloween. This was a quiet one compared to previous years. Maybe because it rained all day (though it was clear at night), or maybe because it fell on a Monday. Whatever the cause, though I … Continue reading

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Banned Books

Last week was Banned Books Week, so to celebrate I read as many banned/challenged books as I could. I spent a couple days sick in bed, so that gave me a little more time. The first and best book I … Continue reading

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About a Town

The town I live in has gotten a fair amount of notoriety over the years. It’s had more than its share of articles and even books written about it–even a disparaging song by one clever rock band–and lots of people … Continue reading

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Impossible Writing Prompt: Create a Believable Character Evil Enough to Pull Off the Writer House Hoax

I’ve seen several mentions this week, mostly over Twitter, of the vile hoax played by an individual posing as Jodi Reamer from Writers House. It sounded pretty crappy, but I didn’t go clicking on links to find out more about … Continue reading

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