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Giving thanks for, or, How Donald Trump is making me a better citizen

Not too long ago, somebody I followed on Twitter was wondering basically where and how our dystopian novel hero would arise. A decade or so ago it seemed we were getting fed a steady diet of dystopian young adult novels … Continue reading

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Why I won’t read your blog post

. . . because I do much if not most of my surfing on my phone, and when I click on your link, this is what I see: Yeah, no. I shouldn’t need to download an app to read your … Continue reading

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To be fair, I WAS warned

Aaaaaaand we’re back! If you’re wondering why this site went four months without a post, it’s not (only) because I’m lazy and a terrible blogger. It’s been broken from the back end and I haven’t had the time or inclination … Continue reading

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Follow Friday Yes, #FF No

A few weeks back I changed how I approach Follow Friday on Twitter. I still try* to pass on a few good recommendations, but I’ve never been a fan of #FF posts that feel more like noise than signal. So … Continue reading

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The case of the semi-reluctant e-reader

Like a lot of nerds, I’m usually an early adopter when it comes to new technology–though I seem have a pretty decent eye for what technology isn’t actually going to make my life easier or better, and I do a … Continue reading

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Google’s Anonymity Fail

If you’ve been following the nerdverse’s ongoing conversation about Google+, you probably know of the debate over their “real name” policy. Basically, Google wants you to have one account, and for that account to be recognizably you. So you OSC … Continue reading

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Literary Language or Stock Clichés?

A few days ago one of my friends linked to this article via Google+. I think it’s an interesting article, and, at the very least, it’s a good warning to writers to stay away from stock clichés. I searched through … Continue reading

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The Obligatory Space Shuttle Post

I was in third grade when the Space Shuttle Columbia took its maiden flight into space. I remember getting up early to watch the launch on our big old oak cabinet TV that took minutes to warm up and showed … Continue reading

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(Possibly Premature) Eulogy for the Online Forum

I was linked to this article from the New York Times today and it provided some food for thought, in that don’t-speak-too-soon-for-the-wheel’s-still-in-spin vein. I’m not posting to agree or disagree with Heffernan. Is she right about forums being on the … Continue reading

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Trying to figure out Google+

It’s been years since I tried to figure out what zoo animal I most resemble, or which character from Twilight I am. I’ve also never tried to recruit people to help me take down an elven kingpin, or whatever it … Continue reading

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