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On symbolism and author intent

The other day a friend asked what I thought of the way English teachers are always going on and on about symbolism. The whale symbolizes this; the letter symbolizes that; the snowman symbolizes this other thing. They’re just reading all … Continue reading

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Literary Language or Stock Clichés?

A few days ago one of my friends linked to this article via Google+. I think it’s an interesting article, and, at the very least, it’s a good warning to writers to stay away from stock clichés. I searched through … Continue reading

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Way more competitive than YOU are

It took me five or six years to figure out that other couples don’t play games the way my wife and I do. We’ve got a massive collection of pretty much every game either of us has ever owned, and … Continue reading

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Impossible Writing Prompt: Create a Believable Character Evil Enough to Pull Off the Writer House Hoax

I’ve seen several mentions this week, mostly over Twitter, of the vile hoax played by an individual posing as Jodi Reamer from Writers House. It sounded pretty crappy, but I didn’t go clicking on links to find out more about … Continue reading

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Best Books on Writing

At writers’ group tonight*, the topic of books on craft came up. Always happy to hear myself talk, I began to expound on which books had worked for me, when our group leader suggested I share the list online instead. … Continue reading

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What would the FBI make of your search history?

I was about as mercifully unaware of the Casey Anthony trial as someone living in Central Florida can possibly be. I mean, obviously I heard about the mystery, the discovery of the body, the trial, and the verdict, but I … Continue reading

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