New pub day!

Pleeeeeease read my story, he begged!The new issue of Fantastic Stories is now available for non-subscribers, and it contains my story, “Of Unions, Intersections, and Empty Sets.” This story was inspired by my friend Pete, who kept giving me grief saying I should write a story with math in it, since I’m allegedly knowledgeable about the subject. As I said then—and as I still believe—I know enough to know how much I DON’T know. Somebody who knows less than me would be happy to use a lot more handwavium, but I’m super conscious of the possibility of being called out for my BS, and of being embarrassed by it. So in this story, the math is all off-stage, but still, it’s at least “math-adjacent.” *grin*

As usual, Fantastic Stories made an absurdly cool cover image to go along with the story. I love the pics they put together!

This issue also contains stories by Caroline M. Yoachim, Sunil Patel, and Beth Davis Cato, all of whom I am a big fan of. I can’t wait to read the other stories!

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